Northland Christian School

strives to provide a well-rounded education which will help children build confidence and experience in a wide range of areas. This education is supported through extracurricular activities.

Physical Education Class (P.E.)

Several times each week, the students participate in Physical Education classes. These classes help to develop large motor skills and introduce young students to a wide variety of activities, games, and sports.

Music Class

During music class each week, students learn a variety of music related subjects. This ranges from beginners' music theory, singing and memorization of songs for programs, and introduction to several musical instruments.

Art Class

Weekly art classes help students to learn the basic elements of art while creating fun and interesting projects. A wide range of medium encourages creativity.

Drama Program

We recently added a high-quality drama program to our extra-curricular classes. Our first year was a huge success with positive feedback from students, parents, and the community!

Field Trips

Several times each semester, the children go on field trips that are both fun and educational.

Special Days

Throughout the school year, the students at NCS enjoy special themed days and events that may be educational or just fun. These special days may include Career Day, Hawaiian Day, International Day, and Sports Team Day. During these special days, the children are encouraged to dress to fit the theme, and a wide variety of fun activities are held.

Programs and Plays

Several times throughout the year, the children will participate in programs and plays. These events help to highlight what the children have been learning, and encourage memorization skills, musical accomplishments, and acting in plays. These events help children to begin developing public speaking skills at a very young age.